Audio Visual SWMS Packs and WHS Management Systems

As a business owner undertaking an Audio Visual work activity, you are responsible for ensuring that you do not cause harm or affect the health of your employees, contractors, clients and those around you. In response, Occupational Safety Solutions has developed heavily discounted OHS/WHS Management Systems and SWMS Packs tailored for the Audio Visual practice. These templates are developed by certified WHS professionals thereby saving you countless hours or research and development. Additionally, all templates are fully customisable to fit the unique needs of your Audio Visual business.

Occupational Safety Solutions developed this Audio Visual WHS Management System a bid to help business owners perform their Audio Visual work activities safely and responsibly using the right tools and equipment. This system is developed in compliance with AS/NZS 4801:2001 then updated in compliance with Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act 2011, WHS updated Regulations 2017 and all appropriate Safe Work Australian Codes of Practice (COP). The system includes six (6) parts with user-friendly, fully customisable MS Word Templates that allow you to customize each document to meet the needs of your Audio Visual Business in Australia.

The Occupational Safety Solutions Safe Work Method Statements Pack is a collection of 35 SWMS tailored to meet specific needs of various Audio Visual work activities across Australia. The overriding aim of all these templates is to help Audio Visual businesses perform their work safely and responsibly in full compliance with relevant and mandatory regulations, legislation and Codes of Practice (COP). The templates contain pre-written step by step procedures, typical hazards, and appropriate safety controls. Additionally, all templates are fully customisable and compliant with the WHS Act 2011, Updated WHS Regulations 2017 and all other relevant Safe Work Australian Codes of Practice.