Why SWMS Template Industry Packs?

To improve the safety of all citizens, particularly workers, high risk construction works are governed by extensive and detailed regulations and legislations. SWMS help contractors gain knowledge of potential hazards facing their crew and also comply with the laid out safety control measures. They are a contractor’s way of identifying and controlling potential health and safety hazards. Before commencing any high-risk construction work, you are required to provide the principal contractor with a copy of the SWMS – this is the law. In addition to helping you comply with the mandatory regulations, SWMS also help employees familiarise with the potential high risk hazards in their line of work and avoid them.

Covering 23 industry practices, the Occupational Safety Solutions has a SWMS Pack for nearly every industry in Australia. These SWMS Packs are tailored to meet the unique needs of specific work activities carried out within various industries. Our aim is to help contractors perform their activities safely and responsibly, using the right tools and equipment and in full compliance with all relevant regulations and Codes of Practice (COP). All templates include professionally prepared, pre-written step by step procedures, typical hazards and appropriate safety controls specific to your industry.


  • INSTANT DOWNLOAD – add your Company logo and name and use in your business today!
  • PRE-WRITTEN SWMS procedures including generic work steps, hazards and safety controls
  • NO ONGOING FEES OR SUBSCRIPTIONS! Pay once and use for all projects
  • COMPLIANT with WHS Act 2011, revised WHS Regulations 2017 and Safe Work Australia Codes of Practice
  • FULLY CUSTOMISABLE, professional and user friendly MS Word templates
  • Prepared by qualified WHS Industry Professionals in conjunction with business owners and tradespeople
  • Residual Risk SWMS Templates available on request. Email us with your order details for free upgrades!