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SWMS Templates


Our SWMS Templates comply with Safe Work Australia 2011 Act and Regulations.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by WHS or simply don’t have the time to create your own documents?

Select one of our simple solutions.


Our team can add your company logo and name into each template. Save valuable time! Contact us today for competitive pricing!


Developing an Effective SWMS Template

At the core of any consistently successful Workplace Safety Management Plan is a professionally crafted, highly effective SWMS Template or Work Method Safety Statement. As a guiding principle, the resultant SWMS template should sufficiently address concerns unique to your business and in line with your work activity. So, what options do you have towards developing a high-quality Work Method Statement that meets the highest safety standards in Australia?

Option One: Instantly Download Our Pre-Written SWMS Templates

With a collection of over 200 professionally crafted SWMS templates, we have something for every business and work activity. The templates are developed by qualified WHS Industry professionals in collaboration with business owners and tradespeople in compliance with WHS Act 2011, revised WHS Regulations 2017 and Safe Work Australia Codes of Practice (COP). In addition to allowing you to download, slap on your company logo/name and instantly incorporate the SWMS into your business, the SWMS templates are also easily customisable using MS word allowing you to match every document to your unique business requirements.

Option Two: Develop Your Own Custom SWMS Template Using Our products

Step One.

Download one of our SWMS templates in line with your business.

Note: Your computer needs to have Microsoft Word to edit the template.

Step Two.

Use the Guidelines provide below to develop your custom Safe Work Method Statement.

Note: All SWMS templates need to be customised to reflect their specific sites before being put to use.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Make a detailed outline of all PPE Workwear necessary for the successful completion of the task.

Safety Notes

Explain in detail the scope and limitations of your Safe Work Method Statement.


Describe all potential hazards and provide all relevant information that can be used to make safe decisions before the task begins. Areas of particular interest include; Correct equipment choices, Site assessments, time and resource management, seeking professional guidance and input from electricians, engineers, hygienists etc., obtaining all required permits and notifying all relevant authorities of your undertakings etc.


Unlike the planning section which focuses on the bigger picture, preparation goes into more site-specific information. Areas of particular interest include what is needed locally for the task.

Pre-Operation Inspection

This is the heart of the undertaking. Provide a detailed outline of the task at hand in a sequence clearly identifying and explaining all potential risks prone to each stage of the process.


Outline maintenance routines and inspection requirements where they are required e.g. in Cranes, Tanks, Silos etc. Additionally, make sure that reference is made to Tag-Out/Lock-Out procedures as well as manufacturer’s instructions.

Emergency Procedures

Provide essential emergency information. This may include specific first aid procedures that may be required for specific incidences if so required.


Ensure that you provide as many credible references as possible but they must remain applicable and relevant to the task. Authorities and reputable industry sources, particularly those that are recognized nationally, are ideal references. However, ensure that the references are relevant to the particular state in which the work will be conducted.


Over and above the previous information, provide a detailed outline of the following.

  • All relevant legislation touching the task as well as all appropriate Codes of Practice
  • Formal training and licenses that workers involved in the task need
  • Specific duties of all workers engaged in the task
  • An outline of the supervisory hierarchy and arrangement for all workers
  • Details of licenses/regulatory permits, engineering certificates/details/Work Cover approvals required
  • Equipment, Tools, and plant to be used in the task
  • SWMS worker training required
  • Details and schedule for plant and equipment maintenance

What Differentiates SWMS Templates From The Rest?


We make sure that your business is compliant with the latest regulations and policies. All our SWMS templates are compliant with the WHS Act 2011, Revised WHS Regulations 2017 and Safe Work Australia Codes of Practice.

Instant Download

Save yourself the headache by instantly downloading from more than 200 of our professionally crafted SWMS templates. You only need to add your company name and logo and you are good to go.

Customer Oriented

At the heart of all that we do is a genuine passion to make sure that you and your workers return home to your families safely every single day. We work with qualified WHS Industry professionals and business owners to make sure that safety becomes a way of life in Australia.

Fully Customisable

Our templates are made using MS Word to be user-friendly so you can easily and quickly customize each document to fit your business and any worksite you need it to perform.

Customer Support

In the case that you are having problems with your documents, we are always glad to help. We provide ongoing support to all customers during and even after the implementation of the SWMS Template.