Top 6 Things to Consider When Purchasing Your SWMS Pack

Being a contractor running a high risk construction undertaking is hard enough, leave alone having to deal with injuries and health concerns. Injuries not only affect specific individuals but also the morale of the crew as a whole. This is why it is important to institute all necessary safety controls and safety procedures such as SWMS. It is not only a helpful necessity but a mandatory requirement as you are legally bound by law to have SWMS templates if your contract falls under the high-risk construction work category. Even if your project does not fall under that category, safety is a crucial part of any undertaking. As the project lead or safety officer, you have a responsibility to ensure that your activities do not injure or affect the health of your contractors, employees, clients and those within the area. Here is what you should look out for to ensure that your SWMS templates meet these objectives;


You certainly would not want to purchase or use a template that is full of ambiguity. The statements should be simple to comprehend. It is the only way that you can be sure that your workers are safe from any risks that the work poses. The templates should be clear, precise and to the point. Imagine having a template that the workers are finding it hard to comprehend. Okay, you probably wouldn’t want to imagine that but it would be a recipe for disaster. The clarity of the SWMS templates determines how well and efficiently your workers avoid the risks that arise from the work.

Step-by-Step Work Processes

A good template gives a detailed step-by-step work process, detailing possible hazards and the measures that you should take to keep your workers safe. Every work process or business has its own risks and it is important that your workers are aware of the risks every step of the way. Any good template does not generalize and sum-up the hazards as a whole. That’s like eating a concoction of your favourite meals, mixed in one plate. It would be better to have a taste of the meals separately other than the mixed chaos on a single plate. It is the same thing as the templates. It is best to have the processes separated, and an indication of the possible hazards provided step-by-step together with their solutions.


Anyone can write an SWMS template and claim that it meets the highest quality standards. So, how do you tell that a template is good enough and will help prevent your workers from risks? Well, the templates should and must have gone through thorough scrutiny from WHS qualified professionals. It is the only way that you can separate the wheat from the chaff. Otherwise, if you do not ensure that you have the templates that have been scrutinized and given a clean bill of health, then you run the risk of not protecting your workers from the possible hazards and even greater, not fully complying with mandatory regulations. And that would be too big a risk

Specific Needs

Every project, work or business has its own unique challenges and needs. It would be ridiculous to imagine that the templates should be the same for everyone. Okay, perhaps a template could work for different projects and businesses but it is important that you get a template that’s tailor-made to work efficiently for you. So it is best that you get a template that offers you solutions that are suited for your work. That way, you are going to be confident going into the work knowing that you have all your workers covered in case of any risks. An SWMS template, therefore, is supposed to address your specific needs and challenges and offer solutions for you to make sure that your workers are always out of harm’s way. The templates, even though pre-written, can and should be customized to fit your needs and prevent any kind of risks posed to your workers.    


Okay, now this is the real deal. The template that you are intending to purchase or use should be affordable. You should be able to purchase it without feeling financially strained. A template should not be the kind of thing that skyrockets your costs. It should be the last of your worries when it comes to cost. And thus, it should be pocket-friendly and not something that will make you feel burdened while purchasing it.

Legally Compliant

The company that you purchase the SWMS template from should be fully compliant with the law when it comes making the templates. Also, they should professional people who are dedicated to providing and preparing templates that meet the best of standards. That is something that you should look out for when purchasing templates that suit your needs and those of your workers. The company that you are dealing with in a nutshell, should be a company that is legally complaint and professional in the way they do their business.

Every worker deserves to go back to his family with a smile and not a health concern or injury. They deserve to know the risks that they encounter on a daily basis and the measures that they should take to protect themselves. You owe them full compliance with the established WHS legislative requirements, regulations and Codes of Practice.

There should be a step-by-step guide that is clear and precise and that indicate any risks that your work or business possesses. That way, you are going to solve any problems that your workers may face and will definitely absolve you of the blame in case anything bad happens.

The templates also ensure that your business will go on unhindered and while improving employee overall productivity. Occupational Safety Solutions offers a diverse collection of SWMS template packs developed by WHS qualified professionals to protect your workers from any possible hazards across various industries. Talk to us today to learn more.